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  • besttech

    SRICAM DH001-4GEU EU 4G band 2K (4MP) solar



    Detailed description:

     Mobile network: Support 4G LTE mobile network,
    2: Low power consumption: Ultra-low power consumption, long standby time
    3: Solar energy: Equipped with a solar charging panel, no external power supply required
    4: Battery: Built-in 4000mA high-capacity battery
    5: Audio: Two-way audio, built-in microphone and speaker, support monitoring, intercom
    6: Lens: 4mm lens, support 3x digital zoom
    7: Dual light: infrared light and white light, full color day and night
    8: Waterproof: IP65
    9: TF card storage: support 128G TF Card, support remote video playback
    10: Security access management: The system defaults the first user as the administrator, and other users must be authorized by the administrator before accessing the camera
    11: APP: SriHome Support Android, IOS

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