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    Phone charger with iPhone cable McDodo CH-1544 65W GaN 5 Mini EU + c to ip cable



    Detailed description:

    Introducing the Mcdodo 65W Mini GaN 5 Fast Charger!
    Upgrade Your Charging Experience with GaN 5.0 Technology!
    Are you tired of slow charging and bulky chargers? Look no further! Mcdodo brings you the latest innovation in charging technology – the GaN 5 Mini Fast Charger. With GaN 5.0 and PI Chip, this charger takes your charging game to the next level!
    GaN 5.0 Technology: The Future of Charging
    Experience the power of the 5th generation semiconductor material, GaN 5.0. GaN technology is trusted in military electronics, communication base stations, and aerospace tech for its reliability. Now, you can have this cutting-edge technology in your hands.
    65W of Pure Efficiency
    Insert 65W of pure power into your devices with Mcdodo's GaN 5 Mini Charger. It's 60% smaller, yet it delivers the same power as larger chargers. More compact, more efficient, and more secure!
    Three Ports for Ultimate Convenience
    This charger features three ports, each supporting 65W output. It's perfect for fast-charging your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more. Plus, with intelligent power distribution, your devices get the precise power they need for safe and efficient charging.
    Charge Any Device, Anytime
    Compatible with major fast-charging protocols like PD3.0, QC4.0+, QC3.0, SCP, FCP, AFC, PE, and more, the GaN 5 Mini Charger can charge your iPhone 14 (50%) in just 30 minutes, iPad Pro in 1 hour, MacBook Air in 2.5 hours, and Huawei P40 in just 30 minutes!
    Stay Cool Under Pressure
    Our self-developed temperature control system ensures low-temperature, fast charging even when charging multiple devices simultaneously. With 3D heat dissipation technology, your charger remains cool and safe.
    Multiple Protection, Absolute Safety
    Rest easy knowing that our charger is equipped with over-voltage, over-current, over-heating, short-circuit, lightning, over-power, anti-interference, and static protection. We meet CE, FC, and ROHS standards for quality and safety.
    The Power of PI Chip
    The PI Chip dynamically converts and distributes power, ensuring each device gets the right wattage. Sourced from Power Integration, a leader in high-voltage power conversion, our chips are trusted by major brands like Apple and Huawei.
    Upgrade your charging experience with the Mcdodo 65W Mini GaN 5 Fast Charger. It's time to embrace faster, smarter, and safer charging technology. Make the switch today and stay ahead of the curve with Mcdodo!
    Mcdodo: Charge Faster Go FurtherInput:
    100-240V?50/60Hz 1.5A
    5V = 3A, 9V = 3A, 12V - 3A, 15V = 3A, 20V = 3.35A,
    65W Max.
    5V = 3A, 9V = 3A, 12V = 3A, 15V = 3A, 20V = 3.35A,
    65W Max.
    4.5V = 5A, 5V = 4.5A, 9V = 2A, 12V = 1.5A,
    20W Max.
    Single Port Usage Output:
    USB-C(1) = 65W Max
    USB-C(2) = 65W Max
    USB-A(3) = 30W Max
    Multiple Port Usage Output:
    USB-C(1) + USB-C(2) = (1)45W + (2)20W
    USB-C(1) + USB-A(3) = (1)45W + (3)20W
    USB-C(2) + USB-A(3) = (2)18W + (3)20W
    USB-C(1) + USB-C(2) + USB-C(3) = (1)45W + (2/3)20W
    Total Output:
    65W Max.
    Mcdodo 65w GaN 5 Mini Fast Charger Tri Port + 2m USB-C Cable
    Mcdodo 65w GaN 

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